Who are the Proud Boys?

The Proud Boys is a international men’s drinking club. It’s membership is inclusive of all races, religions, sexual preferences, and ethnicities. The only requirements for joining the fraternity is that the applicant must have been born a male and believe that “The West Is The Best”. 

The Proud Boys have recently been used as unwitting pawns in the political restructuring of the U.S. government by corrupt elements of both parties. Marxist ideology drives the persecution of all right of center beliefs. The Proud Boys have been designated as the boogeyman for this objective. Despite what the social engineering media may say about the Proud Boy, here are the facts…

1. As previously mentioned, the Proud Boys is a drinking fraternity. We like beer. We have membership in all western countries and many nonwestern counties and jurisdictions such as Japan and Hong Kong. 

2. The Proud Boys have thousands of members in the USA. Some of them might have been in DC but they did not represent the fraternity no more than off duty postal service workers that were in DC on January 6th represented the U.S. post office. The Suncoast Proud Boys were as shocked as everyone else at what occurred at the Capitol on January 6th. However, there no was grand plan to over throw the government that the Proud Boys were aware of. In fact, Proud Boys were told stay away from DC by the national leadership on January 6th specifically because it was an obvious trap to ensnare patriots. Unfortunately, some may have went to pursue their own agenda despite the directive to stay away. Those Proud Boys that entered the Capitol building were wrong but they had no plans to over throw the government or hurt anyone. To suggest otherwise is extreme political rhetoric, hyperbole, and frankly, the left projecting their evil intents onto patriotic, although perhaps misguided, Americans. What happened over the course of the last couple months was indeed an over throw of the US government. Not by the conservative right but by the Marxist left and the Chinese Communist Party who own the Biden administration. What you saw on January 6th and the days that immediately followed was not the beginning of a coup to over throw our government. In fact it was the end of a Deep State coup that started long before Trump got into office which culminated with the militarization of Washington, DC. The current persecution of right leaning Americans is the mop up operation.

3. Prior to January 6th, the former national leadership announced that the Proud Boys would not be attending the rally in DC. In the days following that announcement, the now defunct national leadership made purposely confusing statements to the press that were meant “troll” the press. At the time, the Proud Boys’ national leadership had not idea what was going to happen on the 6th regarding Capitol building. . 

4. Proud Boy chapters are autonomous. They make their own decisions. Prior to January 6th, 2021, the national “leadership” was only there to function as a single point of communication to the media, settle disputes among chapters, and sanction new chapters. This role is now in the hands of the local chapters to decide.

5. The Proud Boys was founded by comedian, actor, writer, and satirist, Gavin McInnes, the founder of Vice magazine in 2016. He started the club as a way to respond to the feminization of the American male, promote the nuclear family and men’s role in it’s success, promote the idea that western men should be proud of their accomplishments, and to drink beer with his friends once a month.  Gavin’s comedy has always been considered “edgy”. He jokes about what many comedians joke about: race, religion, sex, politics. Once he became a Trump supporter the left wing media and pundits were delighted with the treasure trove of sound bites from his many hours of comedy sketches that they could take out of context to use against him hence the origin of the erroneous label of “racist” and “anti-semantic”. By the way, Gavin McInnes is in a mixed race marriage and is a Zionist. 

6. The Proud Boys are a Fraternity. We are not a gang. We are not a fight club. We are not terrorists. We are not a militia. We do not “train” with weapons. We do not plot crimes. We do not wish to overthrow the government in any manner except at the ballot box. We have no history of any crimes remotely related to terrorism while ANTIFA and BLM have murdered, rioted, looted, burned, and assaulted innocents and patriots alike since Trump announced his candidacy without being labeled as “terrorist” by any government. The Proud Boys first gained nation attention for defending themselves and innocent bystanders against violent ANTIFA attacks. We currently have 3 members in prison for self defense against ANTIFA attacks. ANTIFA is rarely charged. The Proud Boys have never been prosecuted for murder because we don’t condone offensive violence. In general, we don’t seek revenge. We just aren’t interested. 

7. The Proud Boys do not allow racists in our ranks and we find political correctness repugnant. We have representatives of every race on Earth as members and many religions as well. No Nazis or Marxist allowed. 

8. The Proud Boys are not homophobes. We allow gay members into our Brotherhood and we have quite a few that proudly proclaim it publicly. They are our brothers. Consenting adults can do what they want. 

9. The Proud Boys only fight in self-defense as anyone who is physically capable to do so should do. Why is that so shocking? The people complaining about it are the people that want to violently attack us without consequence. Our motto, which was created as a response to these people, is “Fuck Around and Find Out”. We want nothing more than to be allowed to utilize our 1st amendment rights in a peaceful manner like everyone else. The problem is that some groups want to suppress speech that they don’t agree with. These groups now occupy the White House. 

10. The Proud Boys are not going anywhere. What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet as Willy once said. We are American males and, as long as American males exist, we will exist. There is no “national organization” to dismantle or movement to quash. We will continue to meet up and discuss subjects that interest us over beer. We will continue to be proud of who we are. We will continue to build the bonds of brotherhood in our local communities. We will continue to support each other through trying times and good times alike. And we will continue to defend ourselves, our brothers, and the innocents around us. Call it what ever you want but we’ll will always call ourselves Proud Boys.


Interested in joining the Proud boys? We are not an online social chat club. We meet in person on a regular basis. If you can make the time to build the bonds of brotherhood and you believe that western values are worth protecting and promoting, and you like having real friends that have your back, then the Proud Boys might be the place for you. Contact us at suncoastproudboys@protonmail.com for more information.