Proud Boys group shows up at Woodbridge Town Council meeting

A heated dispute between Black Lives Matter advocates and Proud Boys members took place at Tuesday night’s town council meeting in Woodbridge.
The Facebook Live video posted by Kason Little advocating for Black Lives Matter shows that it all started on the front stairs of the Woodbridge Municipal Building.
The topic of critical race theory being taught in schools was the root of the dispute. Both sides spoke at the meeting.
“We as Proud Boys have a duty to protect our communities from oppressive government, violence against the innocent, and the pollution of our children’s minds,” said a member of the group who identified himself as Burt. “We have a right to show up to these when these decisions are being discussed because we work here and live here and send our children to school here.”
“Throwing up your peace signs, look, get it on film,” says Little. “Proud Boys, that’s what they are, and yet you do not hear what we have to say.”
News 12 has been told that Woodbridge officials did know in advance that the Proud Boys were going to last night’s meeting and that Black Lives Matter advocates have been going to the meetings over the past year or so.
The members, according to the video, all left the meeting about a half hour into it. No violence broke out at the meeting.
At this time, the mayor of Woodbridge still hasn’t commented.